Copy language version

The easiest way to create a new language version is to copy an existing language version. Then we switch to the new language version and edit all text elements.

  1. Switch to the Surveys overview
  2. In the Language column, find the abbreviation of the original language version, e.g. "en" for English
  3. Click on the abbreviation to get to a Translation View
  4. At the top select from which language version (source) to copy to which language version (target). Then click on Copy.
  5. The new language version has been created and all text elements have been applied from the source.

Switching the active language version

When text elements of questionnaires are edited, this is always done exclusively for the active language version. So to edit the new language version, select the language version you want to edit in the top bar. All changes to text elements will now be made exclusively for this language version. You can check this by switching the language back and forth.

Links to the questionnaire

The participant links to the questionnaire always contain a language abbreviation at the end. Depending on the set language, the static link differs, which you copy or send via QUAMP by e-mail. By clicking on the questionnaire link, participants will first be taken to the language version of the questionnaire that is contained in the link.

When sending personal invitation links, you can specify the default language version for each participant. This is done under "Individualization" in the dialog for creating/editing a message. In accordance with the sequence of e-mail addresses, enter the abbreviation of the person's initial language version under "Language". A prerequisite for this procedure is, of course, that you use the link to the questionnaire via the placeholder {survey_url}. If you do not individualize the initial language of the participants, the questionnaire links will be sent by default in the language that is selected in the tool at the moment of sending.

Switching the language in the questionnaire

QUAMP allows participants to switch the current language version in the questionnaire. This is useful if you do not know the preferred language of each individual and cannot preset it individually, etc. This possibility is optional:

  • Edit Data Collection | Appearance | Show Language Selection

Deactivating a language version

Language versions cannot be deleted at this time. Instead, you deactivate a language version by using a space character as the title of the survey in the corresponding language. Deactivated language versions are always redirected to the original language version.